Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making Money Online: The Dilemma

If you're already in the business of Internet marketing, then you've probably already made some tough decisions, invested some (or a lot) of money, and you're head is swimming with thoughts and ideas and maybe you've hit the brick wall we euphemistically call the "learning curve" and have a case of the old, but familiar, "paralysis by analysis".

If you're thinking about going into the business, I applaud your decision because it's a revolutionary way to
earn an income from home. There a million ways to go about it, a million things to learn, a million mistakes to make and millions of dollars you'd like to get a piece of...if you can just figure out where to go and how to get there!

You could do what most newbies do,
like I did, and buy every product that promises you instant success on the web, or spend your money outsourcing all of your needs. Educational platforms like Carbon Copy Pro are a great place to start because they have all the resources you need: free webinars, seminars, audio training classes and a ton of products available for purchase in the Back Office. How much time you want to spend learning before doing something and how much money you spend to get there, is up to you. That's always the trade-off, right? Time versus money.

We all say that in this business, so let's take a minute and
discuss it. I know a lot of people in this business who lament that they constantly need to spend money on new training, technology and marketing methods, and shouldn't it be provided free for the price of admission? I know they wrestle with that question themselves, because they love the business and I tell them they need to come up with an answer for themselves that they're comfortable with, because someone they bring into the business is going to ask them the same question, and for the investment, they'd better have an answer!

The one I currently use, because I'm comfortable with it, is likening this business to buying a McDonald's franchise.
The investment in a new franchise is the same for everyone, because what you do with it is up to you. It's just the model. If you put it on a country road in the middle of nowhere, because that's where you can afford the rent and cost of labor, that's fine, but don't complain that your place is empty because nobody can find you! If you want to get a lot of people in there, you need to be on Main St. and it's going to cost more for maintenance and rent up front, but you'll make more because of the traffic.

So, where are you with your business?
What do you know, what do you think you know, and what do you know you don't know? What direction do you want to go in and who has the map? Should you spend more money on technology and buy the latest, greatest software? Should you download more courses, templates and Private Label Rights material because you know that you should have them, and then let them sit in your Download Folder until you can't remember what they're called any more? Should you outsource site building, SEO, email campaigns and auto-responders? Everything you can think of to be successful, without knowing what you didn't of? That's a long list...

The answer is
easy and
uncomfortable: start by doing something! Focus on one thing and see it through to the end, even if you don't know where the end is! Take it as far as you can figure out. Buy one or two courses and actually take the time to watch the videos all the way through, taking notes, then perform the steps that they talk about...and, yes, you're going to get confused and make mistakes! So what! Check your ego at door...

You'll learn more in the one or two weeks of your
spare time that it takes to actually do things (like register a domain name, configure hosting, open an auto-responder account, start a blog, make a squeeze page, do some FTP, copy and paste some html code, get a PayPal account, find some products to market, fill out some applications and a little keyword research), than you will in a year of outsourcing and letting someone else set up your business for you (make your opt in forms work, buy and monitor existing sites, set up your blog, write your articles, distribute them and get you traffic).

Plus, if someone else does it for you,
costing you a lot of time and money up front (waiting for your order, then pointing out their mistakes and waiting for them to fix them, then waiting for results), you still haven't learned anything in the process and will have to keep spending time and money just to keep what they did, going!

I could leave you here, wondering what you've gotten yourself into, or what you might be getting into, or I can help you out. I think I'm going to help...and contrary to most of what you're used to, it won't cost you a dime.

I'm going to do some
simple, real-time instructional videos to help get you started and hopefully get the"deer int headlights" look off your face!. If you fill out the opt-in form on the left, you can get instant, free access to my real-time video series. Every time I make a new one, you'll get it automatically.

I can't make it much easier than that! If you like the video and want me to do something else, that I actually know how to do, then leave me a comment and let me know.

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