Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Not so long ago, a lot of you were looking at some home business opportunities, most likely to secure your family's future, because the economy was in turmoil, job security became an oxymoron and your 401K, retirement plans, stocks, bonds and real estate values, were in the toilet, waiting to be flushed.

Has anything changed?  I mean for the better.  

Seems to me that in a lot of ways, things have become worse.  The real cost of living has increased 16-18% in the last three years.  That means things like food, rent, gas, child care, health care...the things you need to pay for to survive life, not enjoy it.  

Need more scary numbers?  The news keeps telling you that unemployment is hovering around 9.5%, nationwide.  The truth is, unemployment among men, ages 24-54, is at 37%, and for women in the same age group, it's at 33%.  So, if you have a job, and I don't mean you're "under-employed", count yourself very lucky.

Now, I don't mean to be a Dudley Downer, I just want to point out that there are a lot of people who are in trouble, looking for a way out, knowing that they're probably not going to be on the list for the next government bail-out.  Maybe you're one of them, or maybe you're on the edge.  I hope not, because something needs to get the economy moving and more unemployment isn't the answer we're looking for.

So, why am I writing to you, today?

Well, I kind of went on a mission, about a year ago, to find a way to help some people who were looking for a business opportunity that made sense.  And, I know, there's a ton of stuff out there that doesn't, because I tried a bunch of 'em.  I heard the Internet was the new Network Marketplace and "all you gotta do is put a fan page on Facebook and you'll get rich giving away a free thingamajiggy because you'll have a million friends who want to buy whatever you put in front of them!"  Come again?  

Or, "all you gotta do is build a website, write articles, submit to directories, build Squiddoo lenses, hub pages, start a bunch of blogs, do guest posting, comment on forums, bookmark, host video sites and webinars, figure out double opt-in auto-responders and web hosting, do media buys, PPC advertising, CPM advertising, build back linking strategies..." and on, and on, and on... "and then maybe you can build a list of names, giving away a thingamajiggy!"  Good Lord!  

Well, I spent a lot of time and I spent about all the money I had left at the time and learned to do all that.  But, there's no way it's duplicatable!  I can't teach you how to do all that and guarantee that you'll have any success.  It's hard, it's expensive, it's confusing and it's frustrating!

So, I stepped back from the all the pandemonium .  I didn't quit everything, I just reevaluated what I think it takes to succeed in any business, especially a home based business, and I came up with a little list.
  • You have to have a product you can believe in
  • It has to be a product people want and are already using
  • It has to work in this economy
  • It has to be simple
  • It has to be affordable
  • You have to be able to start making money, fast
  • It needs to have some sort of residual income, for security
  • You have to believe that it's something you can do and succeed at
I don't know how many things you've looked at, that fit that list, but I'll bet it's not a whole bunch.  

But, I came across one, and I wanted to share it with you, on the off chance that you're not giving up on your future, and that you're still looking at opportunities with a critical eye, not a cynical one.

The Company's been around about five years, it's part of an $8 Trillion industry and has about 200,000 members, so far, so it's not a shiny new toy!  Costs about $200 to enjoy all of the benefits of membership, and there are many, and another $100 if you want to build a business with it.  People already do it and people will always want to do it.  

Take a look at it, and let me know if you can see yourself in the picture.  If so, great.  I've always been a nuts and bolts kind of guy and I'll give you as much information as you can stand.  If not, no big deal.  I wish you and your family the best for the future.

If you are interested and want to get involved, either for the membership benefits, or to build a business, you can email me and we can talk it all through, or you can hit the sign-up and enter this number 26529701, and I'll be in touch.  There are a lot of really good people who want to work with you.

One more thing: One of the major pieces of information I was astounded at, because I asked, was how few people need to get involved before you start making some real money, and I'll be happy to share those numbers with you.