Monday, November 1, 2010

An Old, Familiar Friend

I was hunting around for a good series on traffic, having picked up a lot of useful information from ADC, Chris, Mike and some of the experts, but wanted to see more, current strategies since Facebook traffic seems to be spotty, like all free traffic can be...unless you figure out how to stay current, interesting, relevant and in the public eye, without posting inane daily spiritual quotes and clicheed self-help mantras posing as deep thoughts. Kind of reminds me of when everyone was first introduced to email and couldn't help but forward bad jokes to everyone they knew!

But...I digress! I have a bunch of stuff on traffic strategies, Traffic Ultimatum, The Last Traffic Secret, Hyper Facebook Traffic and apps like Mass Article Control, article spinners and all of the article submission directories and have been working my current niche through blogging at How To Barbeque, because I'm fully aware that driving free and low cost traffic today involves more than just putting up a squeeze page and trying to sell to the modern day equivalent of friends and family, which is really what your list starts out as, when you're using social and viral strategies like Facebook and Twitter. Not exactly targeted traffic...and it's time consuming, too!

Anyway, I'm going through some Tellman Knudsen series I'm less than impressed with and the Affiliate Silver Bullet Series, which is actually pretty good, when I pop on to a bonus page and see a Mass Traffic blah, blah, blah from a guy named Jason Cooper, whom I've never heard of, and I read some of his sales letter (with all of the standard Clickbank screenshots and hype stuff inked in red) and I decide to skip it, then Stay On This Page to see what kind of discount they're going to offer me...when the video starts to play...and I stop in my tracks.

I know that voice. I have everything this guy has done. This guy is a great teacher. I learned more through one series of videos he did in real time, in one week, than I did in three months of looking for answers everywhere else, and I miss this guy!

He doesn't say his name, but I know who he is. I go through everything I can find about the product, and I don't see his name anywhere. Why is he doing this for this Jason guy? Is the product really old? Out of date? I don't care. Maybe he only did the Intro video and the series is by someone else.

So, I got the series. The whole thing is by him, it's totally current and he never mentions his own name. If you have something by him, you'll recognize him immediately. If you don't, by the end of this video, you'll want the rest of the series and probably anything else he's done.

I uploaded the first video for you here. It's simple, straightforward, no bull and a content packed 40 minutes or so. If you want the rest of the videos, you gotta buy 'em.

I think you already know what I think of him, so for my money, this course is on the money!

Get the whole course, here:

It has a money back guarantee, just like anything I've ever referred you to, so sit back, relax and enjoy the voice, the style and the information...from an old, familiar friend.

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