Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Carbon Copy Pro: More Answers

Mark Ohlhaver with Carbon Copy Pro again...

More conversations, more answers.

How long will it be before I start making money?
  • That depends on you and how you want to start. I had to wait two weeks before I felt I was given enough information to start doing things on my own, so I started digging for information and resources to help me.
  • I found them, and those resource links are included when you sign up with me, so you can start immediately and be both making money on-line and building your business from day one.
What if I don't have your skills, Mark, and I can't do what you're doing?
  • That's why I'm going to send you all of this information in email form. I'll show you how to use this very information I'll send to you to help you start building your business.
  • The information in these emails will eventually end up on websites, like this blog, but for now, I want to keep this personal, between you and me and the people you want to help.
How do I get started without having to go through all those websites again?
  • Go directly to the Application Page. Once you have filled out the Application, you will be taken to a questionnaire, which helps me evaluate your business goals, income expectations, needs and budget, so that I know what to expect when I call you.
  • When I do call you, if you're not available and I leave a message, please call me back. I'm a very busy guy and I don't want you to fall through the cracks and get left behind.
  • I'm not the big, bad wolf and I'm not selling you anything, but I can guarantee that if you try to do this on your own, without any help, your odds of success will drop dramatically and it will take a long, confusing time for you to figure this out. That doesn't do you, me or the reputation of Carbon Copy Pro any good, so talk to me and let me help you.
What if I know I want in and just want to by the BiB?
  • Sorry, you have to go through the Application process.
  • You'll understand why that is important to you, and me, and your business, once you get in.
  • In short, it weeds out poor potential prospects who are looking for a get rich quick scheme, and helps you to focus on people are are serious about creating something bigger than themselves.
I know I want in, but I can't afford the BiB. What should I do?
  • Call me. Talk to me. Tell me your story. Maybe I can help.
  • "From those to whom much is given, much is expected". I'm being given a lot, and you can expect my help.
What if I don't have any credit?

You all know it takes a credit card to run this business and I know money is tight, or if money isn't tight, credit scores are low. I hear you on that, too, so here are a few resources for you to check out.
  • Did you know that there is a 75% chance that there is a mistake on your credit report, hurting your score? Did you know that if your last name ends in -son, there is a 95% likelihood that there is a mistake? Did you know that even your young children may already have credit reports on file with major credit rating agencies, by mistake?
  • If you want to find out if there is a mistake, or don't know your score, go to any free credit reporting agency, or go to this site:
Know Your Credit Score
  • If you need to get a credit card, there are several resources available to you. Here are a few options worth checking out:
Instant Credit, Guaranteed

Shameless plug for a buddy of mine, for you wine lovers.

I have a good friend who is a purveyor of private label wines for Wine Shippers International. His name is Pat and he's a great guy, also in this business. He won't bug you or push you, and I know that because he's been selling to me for twenty years. Fantastic reds, whites and sparkling wines from around the world. Labels you've never heard of, and a return policy that's guaranteed, if you don't like the wine.

Give him a call at 866-332-9463 and if you mention my name, he'll probably throw in a free bottle for you.

Don't say I never gave you something for nothing.

Closing thought:

There are three kinds of people in this world: those who do, those who watch, and those you say "what happened".

Time to get in the game...

Good Karma

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