Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Carbon Copy Pro: Answers to Common Questions

Mark Ohlhaver with Carbon Copy Pro here, promised.

I've had some
great conversations with some of you over the last few weeks, who are really excited about what I'm doing, where I'm going, why I'm doing it and how you can join me in securing your financial future and achieving your dreams...which I know are bigger than being rich.

Honestly, I've talked with people from
coast to coast...Alaska (Diane) to Florida (Cheri) and overseas in England (Greg) and Croatia (Branko), the Bahamas, Singapore, Australia...young (21 yr old Shaqs) to retired (77 year old Betty) and everything in between...everyone has a story and everyone has questions and issues before they'll commit their hard earned money to an Internet Marketing system, they found on the web!

Let's talk about them because it's smart to be skeptical. Be skeptical, but not negative.

How can I trust you?
  • Get to know me. Call me, blog me or email me. My phone number is 408-386-8850. It's my cell and I'll answer it, or leave me a message and don't be surprised when I call you back.
  • If you want to know, I've been with my wife for 30 years, have two kids, Diana and Jason, one still in College, in Montana, and I want to secure their futures and the generations to come.
  • I've been reasonably successful at business in the past, amassed a million dollars of debt and was staring into the abyss of Baby Boomer retirement without having any chance of living debt free in the home I built for my family, or achieving my dreams of establishing scholarship funds and running inner-city youth programs to get kids off of the street and back into a classroom.
What if I don't have any computer skills?
  • You don't need them. At least, not to start...depending on what direction you want to go: building a large organization for residual income; product marketing of Wealth Masters International products; affiliate sales. I've set this up so that you can start building your business without advertising, meaning you spend almost nothing, and I help you set up specific marketing plans and your own personal business plan.
  • I provide you with the links to download the two best Internet marketing programs I've found, to teach from start to money in under a week.
  • I help you with copywriting, ad placement, social networking, targeted audience approaches, viral marketing and attraction marketing.
How much is this going to cost me?
  • Cost is a relative term and in business you'll want to start talking about what your return on investment is.
  • It "costs" a minimum of $400 to get in and you can buy into the highest commission level at $20,000, if that's what you want to do, but I'll explain to you, personally, why that's a bad idea and a poor business decision.
  • If you have $400 and a credit card you can charge $200 a month on, I'll show you how to make the business work with that. If you're on a budget, I wouldn't recommend coming in higher than the m1 level, at $2000 and I'll explain why.
  • I spent $9,000 to come in at the m2 level, but that put me in the room with some very smart guys and gave me the opportunity to leverage my skills and earn me, potentially, millions of dollars in the next year.
  • The next opportunity like that is at the end of March, in Boca Raton, Florida, then Jamaica in July for the m3, and I can help you get there.
  • I'm even going to pay for 15 people in my business to be there. That means I'm investing over $100,000 of my future earnings in your success.
What if it doesn't work?
  • What are you doing now that's working so great? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  • You're either already broke, in the same sort of spot I was in with no work in a devastated economy, working in a dead end job, desperately afraid of getting fired or ready to take control of your own future.
  • All I can guarantee is that I can help you, give you stock tips, investment strategies to grow and protect what you've got left, or what you make in the next year, put you in the room with some really great people and teach you some skills you're going to need when the economy really tanks...which is coming, for sure.
That's all I have time for today.
Ask more questions, get more answers.
But if you do nothing, you'll end up with nothing.

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