Thursday, December 3, 2009

Carbon Copy Pro: In A Nutshell

This is Mark Ohlhaver with Carbon Copy Pro again...

You have all been following along and I have had conversations with a lot of people over the last couple of weeks, and one thing has become perfectly clear: keep it simple, stupid!

Everyone I've talked to is excited and motivated after they hear what I have to say about Carbon Copy Pro and the opportunities it offers to take them places they've only ever dreamed of.

But...there's so much garbage pouring in, they can't make or take the time to read it all!
So, let me try to put it in a nutshell for you. Well, maybe a coconut shell, rather than a walnut...

First, about the timeline:
  • On Dec 5, I will have been in this business for two months
  • In the last month, I have generated over 1,000 qualified leads, namely, you.
  • I have brought 10 people into the business, with more applications every day
  • I have counseled and provided guidance to numerous people from other sponsors who want need my help
  • I have developed no fewer than seven different income streams which may be worth one million dollars each, within the next six months
I'll be overjoyed if I'm only half that successful!

Who can benefit from this business?
  • Anyone who needs to earn additional income from home
  • Anyone who has a business and knows they need an on-line presence
  • Anyone who has a product they would like to learn to market online
  • Anyone with commissioned sales experience
  • Anyone who has previously been in a multi-level marketing program, liked the concept, but hated the work and negativity
  • Anyone who is ambitious, or motivated, or smart, or teachable, or industrious, or practical, or, or, or...
  • Anyone who is young and doesn't see a hopeful employment future
  • Anyone who is older and is worried about their retirement benefits and quality of life
  • CCPro is the lauch pad; the first step; the entry point
  • They specialize in education and training for Internet marketing
  • Use that training to market your own business, product or service, however you see fit
  • Use that training to market the CCPro business itself and grow a fantastic residual income and market the Wealth Masters product line
  • The Application costs $50 and pays a $20 commission
  • The BiB costs $400 and pays a $200 commission
  • It costs $150 per month to maintain the Back Office, Sales team, Marketing resources and training, so you don't need to sell
  • They provide wealth management tools and resources on three different platforms
  • m1 is the entry level, and costs $1995 paying a $1000 commission
  • m2 is the m1 plus a fantastic all expenses paid wealth conference, costing $8995 and paying a $5000 commission
  • m3 is both of the above, on steroids, costs $19,995 and pays a $7500 commission
  • WMI provides you with another Back Office which costs $50 per month to maintain
Ok, so that's what it is and what it costs, or what your investment in your business will be. Anybody thinking that that I'm hiding something?

Well, I am. If the idea of joining a business with the commission opportunities above doesn't entice you, maybe this will:

Even at this level, I am willing to share the secrets we learned at the m2 wealth conference, two weeks ago in Vegas, that cost me $10,000 to attend:
  • When you pay your $50 Application fee, I'll send you an Index to short when the DOW collapses to 3000 or lower, which it will, before long
  • I'll send you the tickers for two penny stocks that could hit it big next year. The last one went from $0.07 to $200 a share
  • Those alone are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you. Worth the $50 to check it out?
  • When you join at the BiB level, I'll give you links to the best Internet Marketing programs available to start making money online, now
  • I'll show you how to become your own bank and pay all of the interest you pay to others, to yourself
  • I'll show you how to do a home loan modification and save 30% on your payments, in less than a month
  • I'll go through a detailed marketing plan with you and set a business budget with you, so you can start building the people side of CCPro
  • Yes, you must purchase the Application and qualify in order to purchase thBiB

To Apply, go to:

In other words, I'll not only teach you how to fish, I'll feed you while you're learning.
Worth $400 to join me? Still not enough?
  • I'll show you why most people in Carbon Copy Pro aren't succeeding and why they are trying to move into my line
  • I'll show you why their failure is better for your success
  • I'll show you why you're already months ahead of the competition when you do what I show you
  • I'll tell you why you don't want to spend more than $2000 to come in any higher than m1 and why it's a poor business decision
  • I'll show you how even entering at the BiB level and doing what I show you, will get me to buy your m1, m2 and m3 for you
  • I'll show you how I'm investing over $100,000 of my future earnings in your success
  • If you come in at m1, I'll even give you access to a pre-IPO Oil Company for less than $1.00 a share.
  • I'll show you how I'm pushing charitable contributions not only through my group, but through 10 other organizations
  • I'll show you why other leaders in these organizations are failing and why I run a transparent business. Always have, always will.
You do the math. Can you afford not to look at this opportunity?

You figure out what you have to lose, and let me know, because I want to hear it.

Ok, enough with the coconut shell.

You all know it takes a credit card to run this business and I know money is tight, or if money isn't tight, credit scores are low. I hear you on that, too, so here are a few resources for you to check out.

  • Did you know that there is a 75% chance that there is a mistake on your credit report, hurting your score?
  • Did you know that if your last name ends in -son, there is a 95% likelihood that there is a mistake?
  • Did you know that even your young children may already have credit reports by mistake?
If you want to find out if there is a mistake, or don't know your score, go to any free credit reporting agency, or go to this site:

If you need to get a credit card, there are several resources available to you. Here are a few options worth checking out:

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I have a good friend who is a purveyor of private label wines for Wine Shippers International. His name is Pat and he's a great guy, also in this business. He won't bug you or push you, and I know that because he's been selling to me for twenty years.

Fantastic reds, whites and sparkling wines from around the world. Labels you've never heard of, and a return policy that's guaranteed, if you don't like the wine.

Give him a call at 866-332-9463 and if you mention my name, he'll probably throw in a free bottle for you.

If you're not a wine lover, but know one, maybe you could forward this to them...
Don't say I never gave you something for nothing.

Closing thought:

There are three kinds of people in this world: those who do, those who watch, and those you say "what happened".

Time to get in the game...

Good Karma

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