Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Welcome to Carbon Copy Pro

Thanks for joining me on my blog. I just wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Mark Ohlhaver and this Carbon Copy Pro business is taking me places I never dreamed possible. I've only been here for less than two months and my results have been phenomenal.

Since you probably reached this blog from one of my landing pages, I want you to receive a little more information direct from Carbon Copy Pro. Then, within about a week, I'm going to send you an invitation.

Take it very seriously. It could change your life, the way it's changing mine.

Frequently, this very long email that I'm going to offer to send out, if you ask for it, ends up in your spam or junk folder and I don't want you to miss it because it has time sensitive information in it. So, if you can, either check it regularly, or put me on your safe sender list.

I know you expressed an interest in making money from home through
Carbon Copy Pro by filling in your email address on my site and I wanted to commend you on taking the first step toward an exciting on-line business opportunity.

Not long ago, I was exactly where you are, looking for a better way to make money. Looking for something that I could do to rebuild what the failing economy had done to my income, my lifestyle and my family.

I came accross this by accident, and even though I knew absolutely nothing about Internet Marketing, felt that it was right for me. I checked out everything I could find out about it...the owners, the system, the "Carbon Copy Pro scam" sites...and what I found was that, it's not a "get rich quick" thing, it's a get "rich smart thing".

Inside a week, I was on-line and generating business. How cool is that? I'm building a business with multiple income streams that I hope will soon replace my everyday job and provide a life-long residual income. I feel like I've regained my confidence and taken back control of my future. There's a lot to learn, but I'm doing it at my own pace and I have regular one-on-one conversations with great mentors making seven figures plus, and they give me all of the information I can absorb.

You'll be receiving some emails over the next several days giving you a better glimpse of the company and if that sparks more interest, I encourage you to return to my site and fill out the
Application. (No way around that, I'm afraid...it's for thinning the herd of those who aren't serious.) At that time, you'll have access to a wealth of information, and if you decide this isn't for you, everything is 100% refundable.

no selling, no cold-calling and it's not MLM. This is about you.

Your ideas, your attitude, your time, your investment...your business.

We provide the leadership, mentoring, tools, hands on training and a proven system to make sure that your business succeeds so that you can realize your dreams.

If I can
answer any questions for you, please feel free to call me at 408-386-8850, or email me at risingphoenixccp@gmail.com, or leave me a comment...but, if you call, please remember that I'm on the West Coast, time-wise, and don't be surprised when I pick up or call you back.

This is the real deal.

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